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IMG_3523[1]Take a trip: https://www.tripadvisor.ie/Tourism-g154948-Whistler_British_Columbia-Vacations.html

Let’s be honest. Whistler isn’t exactly a well-kept secret. Most folks know it is the largest skiable area in North America. With more than 8,000 acres over 2 mountains and 469 inches (that’s nearly 12 metres!) of snow each year, Whistler, Vancouver exists for skiing and snowboarding. Our whistler sunglasses exist so you can look slick on the slopes!

With all that snowfall, it’s no surprise that Whistler earned co-hosting duties for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Add to that a ski-able area of over 4,700 acres and one of the best yearly snow conditions in the world and you can see why two million tourists visit every year. And the moderate temperatures make the compact, chalet-style pedestrian village very popular after a hard day on the slopes.


One of the most dope things about skiing in Whistler though is the iconic PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola on the incredible Sea to Sky Highway. It can transport an impressive 4,100 skiers per hour between Whistler’s mountains. It’s an engineering mind f#*k that breaks three world records:

It has the longest unsupported span between two cable cars – 3.024 kilometres. It’s the highest cable car above ground – at 436 metres that’s not for the fainthearted, and it’s the longest continuous lift system in the world. Now that’s impressive engineering!

Among other things, Whistler is well known for the many bears in the area, two reactions, YEEEESSSSSS AND SH!T. From May to October, you can do a “bear tour” with some short walks, to visit active bear dens, day beds and feeding sites! But be warned even our sturdy, wooden shades aren’t bear-proof!

Whistler has approximately 10,000 residents but a much larger rotating transient population of workers and of course all those tourists. And why not – with alpine skiing and snowboarding in winter and mountain biking/hiking in the summer, plus a great dining, nightlight and shopping scene there’s always a reason to visit Whistler. If you can’t get there right now just pop on your shades and imagine – it’s the next best thing! This article almost feels like an advert!?

Random Whistler Fact:

The area was originally named London Mountains because of its heavy fogs, but it informally acquired the name “Whistler” due to the call of the hoary marmot (that’s a large North American ground squirrel) haha. The hoary marmot is also sometimes called a whistle pig because of its high-pitched warning to alert other members of the colony to danger. Eventually Whistler was formally renamed Whistler to help make it more marketable as a ski resort. It’s always the f#*king marketers!



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