DF Originals

Our very first line of originals is here. A heavy-weight premium organic and ethically sourced cotton line that will make you think twice about fast fashion. Oh.. and they’re embroidered right here in Ireland. #getthreaded #notflexing

Cloth me baby!


Born on the hillside of Co. Wicklow Ireland, Dead Fresh was just a dream that was flipped, twisted and re-shaped in the mind of an individual. After several years of testing product’s in local markets and trade events we can now safely say that dreaming is at the heart of starting something great.

With that, Dead Fresh is proud to bring you premium pieces and badass designs that you would wear in your favourite places, at the beach, a festival, a holiday or even just on the open road, but that would also be perfectly fitting for everyday life so that you could grab those moments and #TakeThemEverywhere…

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Over:1000+ Dead Fresh people to date