Established In MMXVI

The Brand

Dead Fresh took several years to launch but it’s now at a point where it can finally call itself the new kid on the block, a new Irish brand with roots in the hills but a foothold in the streets, it tears apart the idea of your little online boutiques, menswear stores and mundane sunglasses sites.

We sell wooden, yes “wooden” sunglasses. A bit crazy, but just look at them, they are ridiculously slick looking. Beautiful grains, bold designs, quality and price is what we offer. And trust us you wont be disappointed.

So, get out there, cause trouble, be noticed and enjoy your shades.

From the Owner


I wanted to bring awesome premium sunglasses without emptying your purse or wallet like other brands, and if I’m honest, sunglasses aren’t expensive to make and I was sick of looking at the ridiculous price tags out there.

I decided to begin the journey with wooden frames when I came across a few companies selling them, I just fell in love with the different wood used and unique grains that can be achieved in every pair.

Each pair is made from 100% ethically sourced wood which was a huge concern for me when starting out, and our partnership with the ITF (International tree foundation) means you can be assured of the quality. Polarized lenses was the next key feature which I made sure to include in every pair.

Yes, sunglasses are for your protection, but they are also a form of expression, and I really just want people to enjoy our shades and have fun while wearing them.

Don’t be afraid to drop an e-mail with any questions you may have either, stay fresh. – Andrew Cronin – Founder of Dead Fresh

Be different be Dead Fresh