Save Uganda’s Kafuga Forest!

Dead Fresh uses wood as our main material to make beautiful shades, and it was always our intention to give back to what we have taken from, so even though we use sustainably sourced wood, not everyone does, and their are many business’s out there who are destroying vast areas of forest around the globe that are home to huge amounts of rare wildlife, birds as well as providing medicines and clean water to local villagers.


One of these is the Kafuga forest in Uganda and its home to 400 of the remaining 880 Mountain Gorilla’s left worldwide. Kafuga Forest is under threat by tea farmers who have already begun putting the swing of axe’s in motion.

Dead Fresh has teamed up with the ITF (International Tree Foundation) in order to donate €1 for every pair of sunglasses sold. This will help to continue their fight to save the forest and raise awareness to the massive work they do throughout the world which includes planting and promoting the conservation of trees.

We hope with your help we can continue to support the ITF with their amazing work throughout the future.

For more info on their work or to make further donations please visit

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Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Andy @ Dead Fresh